Wifi for shipping

Enjoy Superfast 4G Wifi Internet on the open sea with our 4G Broadband Technology.

fantastic signal

Never worry about signal again! Our 4G Broadband Technology will provide you with outstanding signal quality.

ease of use

Our software is easy to use and very user friendly. Your 4G Shipping Broadband can be up and running within a few hours.

24/7 Support

24 hours, 7 days a week, year round IT Support to give you peace of mind and keep your 4G Internet running smoothly.

About 4Sea

4Sea Maritime, bringing 4G Internet to the World’s Oceans! 

Starting up in 2021, 4Sea Maritime launched with a mission to bring 4G Broadband to the World’s Oceans. Today we are the World’s leading 4G Broadband company, bringing internet services to shipping services the world over. 

Why choose 4Sea 4G Broadband?

In today’s world, everyone stays connected via the internet with almost everyone world wide having some kind of internet connection. And thanks to the latest in 4G technologies, the internet can now be accessed from across the entire globe, including the world’s oceans.

amazing speeds

4G Shipping Broadband gives you the same internet speeds as a smart phone user on the main land, if not better in some cases.


Using 4Sea’s 4G Omni Antenna technology,
you will always stay connected.

expert support

We have a team of IT experts on standby 24/7 to offer support and guidance for your peace of mind.


Our 4G Broadband hardware and software services are fitted and installed by fully qualified, professional IT engineers.


Below are a few examples of our 4G Shipping Broadband hardware installed on company vessels.

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Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

After 4Sea installed their Omni Antenna on board my ship, it gave my crew the freedom of being able to use the internet to connect with family and friends, with super fast internet speeds!
Amazing work! 

Captain Joe

Fishing 4 You

I struggled with internet connections when trying to upload data, while I was out at sea. Having to wait until I was docked to upload but once I had 4G Shipping Broadband installed by 4Sea, my internet problems went away!

Eric Jobs

Marine Data Analyst

Having 4G Shipping Broadband has changed the way me and my crew live while at sea! Being able to contact people back on land via the internet with brilliant speeds, is a huge game changer!

ship 1
Fishery Tom

Seabass Express

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4G Shipping Broadband Pricing

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